What Is Constructonomics?

I will often get asked, “What is Constructonomics?”. Actually, that’s a lie. I very rarely, if ever, get asked that question. I’m not sure why I lied about that, but most likely because that’s how a post like this would typically start. Nevertheless, I do think about the question a lot – and that is […]

Seven Things to Do When an Owner Doesn’t Pay

The past six months for me and my company have been the most difficult to date.  And this is including the first two or three years where we basically made just enough money to survive (that actually wasn’t that bad, surprisingly, and actually kind of fun).  But this time around, we were expecting to get […]

5 Secrets to Painting Perfection

Whatever home improvements you’re making, the secret to brilliant results is good attention to detail. Whilst painting your property may appear to be one of the simpler DIY tasks, great results take patience and care. Here are our top five secrets to paint perfection when decorating your home: 1. Sand away any flaws To get […]